Turnstile Entrances and Emergency Evacuation: Ensuring Safe and Efficient Egress

Turnstile entrances, primarily designed for access control and security, also play a critical role in emergency evacuation scenarios. During emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, or other incidents, it is essential to have a well-defined and efficient evacuation process. In this article, we will explore the significance of turnstile entrances in emergency evacuation scenarios and how they ensure safe and efficient egress.

1. Clear Evacuation Pathways:

Turnstile entrances act as key components in establishing clear and designated evacuation pathways. When an emergency occurs, turnstile entrances can be programmed to open automatically or switch to a free-flow mode to allow unobstructed movement of people. This ensures that individuals can quickly and safely evacuate through designated exit points without encountering any barriers or hindrances. By providing clear and unobstructed evacuation pathways, turnstile entrances help facilitate efficient and orderly egress during emergencies.

2. Controlled Flow and Crowd Management:

Turnstile entrances assist in controlling the flow of individuals during emergency evacuations. By regulating the movement of people, turnstile entrances prevent overcrowding and congestion, which can impede the evacuation process and pose additional safety risks. With turnstile entrances, the evacuation process can be managed in an organized manner, ensuring that individuals evacuate in a controlled and orderly fashion. This not only enhances the overall safety of the evacuation but also minimizes the likelihood of panic or injuries due to overcrowding.

3. Integration with Emergency Systems:

Turnstile entrances can be integrated with emergency systems such as fire alarms or emergency communication systems. This integration allows for synchronized operation during emergencies. For example, upon activation of a fire alarm, turnstile entrances can automatically switch to emergency mode, facilitating the fast and smooth egress of individuals. Integration with emergency systems ensures that turnstile entrances are synchronized with other safety measures, providing a comprehensive and coordinated response in emergency situations.

4. Access Control Override:

During emergencies, it may be necessary to override access control measures to ensure the swift evacuation of all occupants. Turnstile entrances can be equipped with emergency override capabilities, enabling the manual opening or disabling of access control during evacuation. This allows for immediate access to exit points, regardless of access permissions, ensuring the safety of all individuals within the premises. Access control override features in turnstile entrances are crucial in emergency situations where prompt and unrestricted egress is paramount.

5. Visibility and Safety Features:

Turnstile entrances are designed to prioritize safety during normal operations as well as during emergencies. They often incorporate visibility and safety features such as bright LED indicators, audible alarms, and emergency lighting. This ensures that individuals can easily locate the turnstile entrances and understand their operation during an evacuation. The visibility and safety features of turnstile entrances help prevent confusion and enable quick and safe egress, even in situations where visibility may be reduced due to smoke or low lighting conditions.

6. Regular Maintenance and Testing:

To ensure the effectiveness of turnstile entrance during evacuations, regular maintenance and testing are essential. Organizations should establish maintenance schedules to inspect and test the functionality of turnstile entrances, including emergency override features and integration with emergency systems. Regular maintenance and testing help identify and address potential issues or malfunctions, ensuring that turnstile entrances perform reliably during emergency situations. By conducting regular maintenance and testing, organizations can have confidence in the functionality and reliability of turnstile entrances for safe and efficient emergency evacuations.


In emergency evacuation scenarios, turnstile entrance play a vital role in ensuring safe and efficient egress. Through the establishment of clear evacuation pathways, crowd management capabilities, integration with emergency systems, access control override features, visibility, and safety features, as well as regular maintenance and testing, turnstile entrances contribute to a well-coordinated and controlled emergency evacuation process. By considering the importance of turnstile entrances in emergency situations and implementing the necessary measures, organizations can enhance their overall emergency preparedness and ensure the safety of occupants during evacuations.  

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