The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 2


In The demon prince goes to the academy chapter 2, Alciel arrives at the academy and begins to settle in. He is immediately met with suspicion from the other college students, but he’s determined to win them over. He additionally starts to examine the human international, and he’s surprised to find that it is not as exclusive from the demon global as he concept it might be.

One day, Alciel is taking walks through the forest when he comes across a set of students who are being attacked by a demon. Alice jumps in to assist, and he’s capable of defeating the demon. The college students are grateful to Alciel for saving them, and they start to see him in a brand new mild.

The Demon Prince’s First Day

The demon prince stood in front of the huge gates of the academy, his coronary heart pounding in his chest. He had by no means been to a college earlier than, let alone one for demons. He took a deep breath and stepped through the gates.

The academy turned into even greater brilliant than he had imagined. The homes were tall and imposing, fabricated from darkish stone and sparkling marble. The grounds have been considerable and properly maintained, with gardens, fountains, and even a small lake.

As he walked through the grounds, the demon prince turned heads. He changed into tall and handsome, with dark hair and piercing pink eyes. He wore a black uniform that was embroidered with silver thread. He looked like he failed to belong in this area, but he held his head excessively and walked with confidence.

What is Different in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Based on my knowledge approximately the Web Novel “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy,”The demon prince goes to the academy chapter 2 indicates the subsequent changes from Chapter 1:

Our protagonist, the Demon Prince, has arrived at the Academy. In Chapter 1, the Demon Prince is still within the Demon Realm, making arrangements to visit the Academy. In Chapter 2, he’s already in the Academy, and we start to see how he interacts with the alternative students and instructors.

The Demon Prince is beginning to study the human world. In Chapter 1, the Demon Prince has a totally constrained understanding of the human world. In The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy chapter 2, he begins to research more about human customs and lifestyle, and he even starts offevolved to make buddies with some of the other college students.

The Demon Prince is starting to expose his authentic powers. In Chapter 1, the Demon Prince primarily hides his powers from the alternative students. In Chapter 2, he starts to reveal his proper powers greater openly, and he even uses them to help a number of the opposite college students.

Lessons and Discoveries

Reinhardt awoke early the following morning, keen to start his first day of classes at the academy. He had already heard lot about the faculty from the other students inside the dormitory, and he became excited to revel in it for himself.

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, Reinhardt headed to the study room building. He became a little worried, however, he also felt an experience of excitement. He changed into approximately to learn about a whole new global of magic and swordsmanship.

When he arrived in the classroom, Reinhardt saw that most of the other students had already arrived. He took a seat in the returned row and waited for the elegance to start.

The Demon Prince’s Personal Journey

The demon prince, Azriel, arrived at the academy in a swirl of black smoke. He was greeted by the headmaster, a stern-looking antique man with a long white beard.

“Welcome to the academy, Prince Azriel,” the headmaster stated. “I hope you’ll have a nice time right here.”

Azriel nodded curtly. “Thank you, headmaster. I am here to analyze, and I will now not disappoint you.”

The headmaster led Azriel to his room, a small however snug affair with a single mattress, a desk, and a chair.

“This will be your room during your stay,” the headmaster said. “Your lessons will start the following day morning. In the interim, you are loose to discover the academy grounds.”

The headmaster left, and Azriel became by himself. He appeared around the room and then sat down on the mattress. He had no concept of what to anticipate from his time at the academy, but he was determined to make the maximum of it.


In Chapter 2 of “The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy,” the protagonist, Valier, continues to be looking to discern a way to live in this new world. He is aware that the heroes of the story are speculated to die, and he does not want to be one of them.

He makes a decision to visit the academy library to see if he can discover any information that might be helpful. There, he meets a mysterious woman named Harriet. She seems to understand a lot about Valier and his scenario, however, she’s no longer willing to tell him everything.

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