Kinetic by Windstream Internet is Worth Trying

If Windstream Internet is available in your area, you’ve probably considered it. If you live in a rural area, you may currently have satellite or fixed wireless access and you may have wondered if Windstream Internet is better.

The short answer: it is better. Windstream mainly provides DSL internet service, which uses telephone lines to provide broadband internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps. But as the world moves on toward more bandwidth-requiring services, Windstream is continually bringing fiber to more service areas.

This article explains why Windstream Internet is faster, more reliable, and worth trying if you suffer from slow and inconsistent speeds. It also explains why you should switch to Windstream fiber immediately if it’s already available where you live. Let’s begin with a comparison of Windstream’s basic internet service with other types of rural internet services.

Windstream Internet vs. Rural Internet

Windstream provides its DSL-powered Kinetic Internet Basic plan across its service areas in 18 states. Here’s how it compares to rural internet:

Faster Speeds

Digital Subscriber Line uses a telephone line to provide internet service. Because it’s a wired connection, it’s faster and more reliable than satellite and fixed wireless access. Windstream offers speeds up to 100 Mbps with DSL. Although actual speeds may vary depending on your location, it’s probably still faster than your current internet service. Plus, Windstream Internet doesn’t require annual contracts, so you don’t have to worry about getting locked in.


Windstream Internet doesn’t bow down to the whims of weather like satellite internet. Come rain, snow, or hail, it stands strong. It’s the reliable rock in the storm, ensuring you stay connected when others falter. With DSL, you can trust your internet to be as unwavering as your daily routine.

Lower Latency

Are you a gamer? Video conference? Windstream Internet has got your back with its lightning-quick response times. Say goodbye to lag and hello to uninterrupted gaming and crystal-clear video calls. Its low latency ensures that your every click and call is as sharp as a high-definition display.

Unlimited Data

Windstream opens the door to endless possibilities with unlimited data plans. No more fretting over data caps or throttled speeds. Whether you’re streaming, downloading, or working remotely, it lets you do it all without restrictions. Enjoy the internet without limits.

Lower Cost

Windstream Internet doesn’t break the bank. It’s an affordable alternative to satellite internet, offering faster speeds without draining your wallet. Dial-up may be cheaper, but DSL strikes the perfect balance between cost and performance.

No Satellite Dish

Wave goodbye to those clunky satellite dishes. Windstream Internet doesn’t require a clear line of sight to the sky. No obstructions, no hassles. Just plug in and play. DSL modems connect seamlessly to your existing phone lines, making setup a breeze.

Wired Connection

In a world of wireless connections, Windstream Internet brings you the stability and security of a wired connection. No signal drops or interference here.

Local Infrastructure

Windstream Internet taps into the local infrastructure you already have. No need for extensive development or costly installations. With DSL, expands its services effortlessly, making it readily available in remote regions.

Lower Latency Gaming

Gamers, Windstream Internet is your secret weapon. With lower latency, DSL outpaces satellite internet for online gaming. No more frustrating delays—Windstream ensures your moves in the virtual realm are swift and precise.

No Line-of-Sight Required

Windstream’s DSL Internet doesn’t care about line-of-sight. It defies geographic challenges with ease. Whether you’re in a dense forest, nestled among hills, or surrounded by buildings, it stands strong. No obstructions can slow it down.

Windstream isn’t stopping with DSL. It’s investing heavily to bring its fiber product to more areas. Here’s why Windstream Fiber is even better.

Windstream Fiber Internet is Even Better

Fiber is a broadband internet service infrastructure that uses optical fiber technology to deliver high-speed internet, television, and telephone services directly to residential homes and businesses. While Windstream is primarily a DSL internet provider, it’s investing in fiber networks across many of its service areas.

Windstream’s fiber internet is extremely fast and reliable internet speeds of up to 8 Gbps. Windstream Fiber is only available in select service areas, but you can ask Windstream customer service if you can get it. Here are some specific ways Windstream Fiber internet is better than not just rural but all other types of internet services:

High Speed and Bandwidth: Fiber internet offers fast, symmetrical speeds for seamless online activities.

Low Latency: Fiber has minimal lag, enhancing real-time applications like gaming and video calls.

Symmetrical Speeds: Equal upload and download speeds for all activities.

Reliability: It’s less affected by environmental factors, reducing outages.

Future-Proof: Can handle future tech advances with ease.

Consistent Speeds: Maintains speed during peak usage times.

Scalability: Easily supports more users and devices without performance drops.

Improved Video Streaming: Reduces buffering and provides a smooth viewing experience.

Property Value: Fiber increases property value for homebuyers and renters.

Remote Work and Learning: Ideal for online work and education.

Windstream Internet Plans

Ready to choose a Windstream Internet plan? Here are the current offers:

Kinetic Internet Basic

Windstream’s Kinetic Internet Basic plan, priced at an affordable $39.99 per month for the initial 12 months, offers a reliable entry point into the digital realm. Featuring a maximum speed of 100 Mbps with DSL, it caters to the essential internet needs of everyday life. Whether you’re casually browsing the web, keeping tabs on your emails, or engaging in basic video streaming, this plan has you covered.

Kinetic Fiber Internet

For the same enticing price of $39.99 per month for the first 12 months, the Kinetic Fiber Internet plan propels your online experience to the next level. Soaring at speeds of up to 500 Mbps, this plan redefines your connectivity standards. It’s a gateway to the world of high-definition video streaming, immersive online gaming, and seamless multitasking across multiple devices, all without a hint of slowdown.

Kinetic Fiber Internet GIG

Step into the fast lane with the Kinetic Fiber Internet GIG plan, thoughtfully priced at $69.99 per month for the initial 12 months. With a stellar maximum speed of 1000 Mbps, this plan doesn’t just offer speed; it offers an online paradise. You can indulge in 4K video streaming extravaganzas, swift large file downloads, and achieve peak productivity while working from the comfort of your home.

Kinetic Fiber Internet 2 GIG

Prepare to be blown away by the Kinetic Fiber Internet 2 GIG plan, where speeds reach an astounding 2000 Mbps. Tailored for power users and households with voracious internet appetites, this plan is the epitome of high-performance connectivity. It effortlessly tackles bandwidth-heavy tasks, including 8K video streaming, real-time online gaming marathons, and more. However, do note that availability and pricing may fluctuate depending on your location.

Kinetic Fiber Internet 8 GIG

The zenith of internet speed, the Kinetic Fiber Internet 8 GIG plan shatters barriers with an eye-popping maximum speed of 8000 Mbps. Crafted for the most demanding users and locations, it opens the doors to a world of 8K video streaming extravagance. Not only that, it gracefully accommodates multiple users and their bandwidth-intensive demands. Keep in mind that, similar to the 2 GIG plan, availability and pricing are contingent on your location.


Windstream’s DSL service is faster and much more reliable than other types of rural internet services. With its fiber service coming to more areas, Windstream is poised to become the fastest rural internet provider in the US.

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