How to Utilize your Free time This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is ready to knock on our doors and so are we, to welcome it with open arms. However, not everyone is lucky to be around family and friends during the holidays. And if you’re a work-o-holic, you may find it too difficult to sit around and have nothing to do the entire week. If you’re also dreading having too much free time on your hands in the coming festive season, worry not. We have come up with a bunch of suggestions to help you stay busy and engaged. So read on and make a list of things you’d like to do when you have time for yourself.

1. Watch all the blockbuster movies you never got the time to tick off your list

If you’re a work-o-holic, you must never get the time to watch new and amazing movies and TV shows that most people your age or at work must be discussing over lunch breaks all the time. Make a list of the most popular and talked about movies that people are always going gaga over and start watching. Staying indoors in your warm living room, with a cup of hot drink right in front of your fireplace, with a huge bowl of snacks just sounds like the perfect holiday retreat to us. You might need a subscription to some of the best online streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, or Amazon Prime Video.  

2. Have a Zoom party with your friends and family

If you’re away from your family at Christmas, we know you’re already quite bummed and sad. Holidays are not fun alone and the nearest you can get to meet your loved ones is through a video chat. No matter what corner of the world your family is scattered and unable to unite, you can gather everyone up in a Zoom meeting and just enjoy each other’s company. Reconnect with everyone, get to know what they have been up to, and update them about your own life.

To make this virtual meet-up successful, you would need a stable and fast internet connection like Windstream. If you don’t have their internet plan already, you can get one now by simply calling the Windstream customer service number and asking them about the best internet plans and packages for you. Their team will help you choose one that fits your requirements.

3. Volunteer at a food bank and serve those in need

If you can’t be with your family and feel gratitude, worry not. There are other ways to feel good and the best one is to help those in need. So many people who live in poor conditions can enjoy the Christmas blessings with a small effort of yours. Join a volunteer group and distribute warm food in neighborhoods. You can also set out on your own, cook food, and distribute it on your own or with a group of friends in the city.

If you’re active on social media, you can also ask your friends online to contribute and help you feed those in need.

4. Go shopping for yourself or your loved ones

Christmas is the best time to shop. With so many sales going on everywhere, you’re bound to get amazing deals and discounts and save up on a lot of money. Whether you want to buy new clothes, shoes, makeup, or just presents for your friends and family, go to a nearby mall, take a long stroll down the city, and indulge in retail therapy, the best form of self-love known to mankind till date!

5. Bake yourself a Christmas cake

Home alone all by yourself? Well, if you stay positive and look at the bright side, you’ll get to spend quality time with yourself. And talking about self-love and therapy can’t go on without mentioning how therapeutic cooking is. When you follow a recipe, you feel in control of what you’re making and once you’re done cooking, the feeling of accomplishment just adds to the fun. Be creative with the cake decoration and enjoy the process. If your cake is too much, you might want to share it with your neighbors too!

6. Book a Spa day for yourself and indulge in self-care

Last but surely not least, you can book yourself a relaxing spa day near your home. Just drive yourself out and relax as specialists scrub, detox, and massage your stress away. During the holiday season, you might even get amazing discounts or offers. Let the cucumbers cool down the stress in your eyes, the steam clean out the pores of your skin, and amazingly scented balms fill your body with a refreshing aroma. We bet you’re going to come out a new person!

Wrapping It Up

We know Christmas can feel very lonely if you’re away from your loved ones, however, it is up to you to make your time worthwhile. So try out these suggestions to keep yourself busy as the city celebrates this year. Be sure to hang out a Christmas tree, even if it is just for you!

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