How to Convert an HTML File to PDF: Step-by-Step

Did you know that the PDF was first introduced to the public in 1993?

Since then, it’s become the standard document format on the web. Most of us use it to obtain a printout of a document. Sometimes, it is also the format in which we download files to store them on our devices.

However, there are cases when the files we need are not in PDF. Sometimes, they are in an HTML format. In these cases, what can you do?

We’ve got you. Read on to learn how to convert an HTML file to PDF.

Step 1: Download HTML to PDF Converter or Look for an Online Converter

Download an HTML to PDF converter or look for an online converter to begin the conversion process. To download a converter, open your phone’s App Store or Play Store and look up apps. To convert HTML to PDF online, open your search engine and look up converters.

Choose the converters that fit your needs properly. For example, if you need to convert an HTML file to PDF in C#, then you need to look for a C# PDF generator site or app.

Step 2: Load the HTML File Into Converter

Open the app or site and select the HTML file you want to convert. Once you have located the file, could you insert it into the program? Click “Load File” to load the HTML file into the converter.

Step 3: Adjust PDF Settings to Your Preference

You can adjust the settings once the file is open before exporting it as a PDF. Make sure that the PDF elements are correctly set. It gives your exported PDF better quality and makes it easier to reproduce.

You can adjust the orientation, paper size, margins, and page layout. You can also set the security and watermark options to your specific needs.

Step 4: Save it as PDF

After you have adjusted the file to your liking, the next step is to select click the “Convert” button. Wait for the file to convert.

Then, you must click the “Save as PDF” from the dropdown menu in the “Destination” section. Choose the location in which you want to save your PDF file.

Finally, click on the “Save” button. It will save the HTML page as a PDF file on your device. The file is now ready for viewing, use, or printing.

Step 5: Share or Print Your PDF File

To share or print your PDF file after the HTML file is successfully converted to PDF, open the converted PDF file with the PDF viewer of your choice. Then, you can simply choose between the “Share” or “Print” buttons, depending on what you want to do with the file.

Follow Our Guide to Convert an HTML File to PDF Successfully

It’s relatively easy to convert an HTML file to PDF with the right tools! Following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly and easily generate a PDF file for your project.

So what are you waiting for? Try the process today and harness the power of HTML to PDF conversion!

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