A Guide to the Best 308 Hunting Ammo of 2023

Are you a hunting enthusiast on the lookout for the perfect ammunition to enhance your 308 rifle performance? Look no further! As we step into the thrilling year of 2023, we’re here to equip you with an invaluable guide to help you find the best 308 hunting ammo available.

Whether you’re chasing big games or honing your marksmanship skills, join us as we explore and evaluate the top contenders in this exhilarating world of ammunition options. Get ready for an adventure that combines precision, power, and passion – all packed into one explosive blog post!

The Winchester Ammo C-101

This ammo features a copper-plated hollow point bullet that goes the extra mile in terms of performance and accuracy while still being lightweight and easy to carry in a variety of rifle magazines.

Using the unique open-tip design, make sure to checkout this 308 ammo, the Winchester Ammo C101. It is designed to expand and fragment flesh and bone for a humane shot.

It also avoids the risk of overpenetration on a hard target and offers minimal recoil, so it’s great for hunters and recreational shooters alike. Not to mention, this ammo does all of this for an affordable price, making it a great value for anyone looking for a solid 308 hunting round.

With all the features and the quality, the Winchester Ammo C101 is the best 308 hunting ammo of 2023.

Hornady Custom 150 gr SST

The Hornady Custom 150 gr SST is one of the best types of ammo for 2023. The penetrating capabilities of the SST, combined with its ability to cause maximum tissue damage, make it a top choice for hunting large game.

The SST bullet is made of a polymer tip and is designed to expand on impact to create a large wound cavity. This fragmentation of the bullet also ensures that the bullet will not over-penetrate its target.

The SST bullet is also made of a copper jacket to ensure that it will travel through any type of terrain and environment with accuracy. Finally, the Hornady Custom 150 gr SST’s low recoil makes it perfect for new shooters.

Its muzzle velocity of 2,625 ft per second and muzzle energy of 2,659ft pounds will get the job done. All in all, the Hornady Custom 150 gr SST is a great choice for seasoned and novice hunters.

Black Hills Gold 168 gr TSX

The accuracy provided by the bullet is unparalleled, offering a match-grade performance for mid to long-range hunting applications. A double-tapered jacket design provides maximum expansion and controlled penetration.

With a bonded core, weight retention is improved, and bullet separation is virtually eliminated at all impact velocities. Other features of this cartridge include optimal accuracy and terminal performance along with reliable functioning in semi-automatic weapons.

This is a great choice for those hunting deer and other medium to large game. The cost is a bit higher than most 308 ammo, but the precision and accuracy make it a worthwhile choice.

Federal Premium 175 Gr Terminal Ascent

The Federal Premium 175 gr Terminal Ascent ammunition is one of the best 308 ammo options available. Bullet weight, terminal performance, accuracy, and velocity are all first-rate for this high-end hunting ammo.

This ammunition also offers solid expansion at all distances. This is with a manageable recoil for comfortable shooting. This makes it an ideal choice for hunting big game. The reliability of the powder and primer guarantees a successful hunt every time.

With its high-quality construction and expansive range, it’s no wonder why the Terminal Ascent is among the top choices for 308 hunting ammo in 2023.

Hornady Precision Hunter 178 gr ELD-X Specs

It is a high-quality product with specs that are sure to please. The 154-grain bullet is made with the highest accuracy and terminal performance, so you always get a great result. Its long-range capabilities provide a flat trajectory with minimal wind drift, making it perfect for mid-long-range hunting.

It features the advanced Hornady Interlock bullet construction. This eliminates jacket separation and creates maximum weight retention. Its Hardness Optimized Custom (HOC) core quickly expands on impact, delivering a devastating shock wave to the game.

Its Heat Shield Technology helps prevent bullet deformation, which ensures tremendous accuracy and consistent performance. The Hornady Precision Hunter 178 gr ELDX is the perfect ammo for your next hunting adventure.

Its advanced propellants provide:

  • Higher Velocities
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Prevents Tip Damage
  • Helps Feed Smoothly

The polymer shape increases drag. The Secant Ogive profile shortens the bearing surface for increased jump consistency. Upon impact, the precision-engineered jacket drives the expanding lead core. This quickly separates from the highly concentric jacket and the bonded core. This construction provides superior accuracy and precision with every shot, making it an excellent choice for precision hunting and target shooting.

Thanks to its advanced construction and materials, this ammo is sure to give you the best results out in the field.

Remington Core-Lokt 180 gr PSP Specs

It is designed with a powerful load specifically made for hardcore hunters. It has a proven high ballistic coefficient and offers reliable performance in the field. Its copper jacket and lead core combination create:

  • Positive Expansion
  • Deep Penetration
  • Drastic Deformity
  • Maximum Energy Transfer
  • Stunning Knockdown Power
  • Outstanding Accuracy

The CoreLokt design features a deep bullet-jacket cup. This is optimized specifically for quick and humane kills on whitetails and similarly sized games. This rifle ammo delivers expanded bullet diameter for better lethality and reliable accuracy in mid-range target shooting.

The PSP bullet features a soft lead tip with a two-petal cut on the base for improved expansion. CoreLokt costs a bit more than other hunting ammo, but it offers superior performance while meeting stringent criteria for humane hunting.

Explore the Best 308 Hunting Ammo Today

Overall, the best 308 hunting ammo found within this guide is the best for hunting hunters of 2023. It is important to choose the right ammo for the best performance to ensure that you have a successful season.

Be sure to look up any stores that may carry the ammo in your area and pick up some of these recommended cartridges so that you can get the most out of your next hunting expedition.

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